As Long as the Night is Dark | Curated by Simon Pericich 13 May - 3 June 2017     With playful nihilism and prophetic vision, As Long as the Night is Dark is an exhibition that muses on the doomed nature of humanity. Attuned to the darker sides of the mind and the spirit, eight contemporary Australian artists have offered up works that sit between the anxiety of the future and the melancholy of the past featuring Talitha Kennedy, Bernhard Sachs, Jordan Wood, Christian Bishop, Linsey Gosper, Dan Price, Janenne Eaton and Adam Boyd. This multifarious showcase is gathered together in joyous celebration of the dark night of the soul by Simon Pericich and features a catalogue thing co-corrupted by Travis John.   As Long as the Night is Dark previously exhibited at Wagga Wagga Art Gallery   Artists: Bernhard Sachs Jordan Wood Janenne Eaton Dan Price Talitha Kennedy Adam Boyd Linsey Gosper Christian Bishop     VIEW CATALOGUE   VIEW EXHIBITION WEBSITE   READ EXHIBITION FEATURE IN ART GUIDE AUSTRALIA   VIEW WAGGA WAGGA ART GALLERY WEBSITE