Daniel Agdag and Simon Finn will be exhibiting works in 'Fictitious Realities', opening at Bayside Arts and Cultural Centre on 1st July from 3-5pm, through to 3 September. Curated by Robert Lindsay, the intricate, realistic detail and miniature scale of the works in this exhibition create a fictitious but plausible other world.

9-giles-ryder-surface-mandalas-for-the-lost-installation-view-animated-led-light-works-digital-print-perspex-vinyl-gel-haze-screen-60cm-diameter-mars-gallery-2016 Giles Ryder, SURFACE/ MANDALAS FOR THE LOST (installation view), Animated Led light works digital print, Perspex vinyl gel ‘haze screen’, 60cm diameter. Image courtesy of MARS Gallery MARS @ ART CENTRAL HONG KONG 2017 CENTRAL HARBORFRONT HONG KONG 21 – 25 MARCH 2017 STAND B08 MARS are pleased to announce we will be taking a group exhibition of four Contemporary Artists to Art Central Hong Kong 2017,Daniel Agdag, Stephane Guiran, Giles Ryder and Aly Indermühl. The Exhibition titled Glow IV brings together four artists who will create new work based around the common thread of working with light.