3 – 28 SEPTEMBER, 2014

Erin Coates Merge

‘Merge’, 2013, single channel HD video, 6 minutes, edition of 5


The car interior is a curious and under-analysed site – it is a discrete space, in which the full spectrum of life occurs; the banal ritual of driving to work; eating drive-thru food; having sex while parked in a dark street late at night; the trauma of an accident, bleeding out through the windows. It is a space that travels through other spaces, at times seemingly oblivious to the outside.

In Merge the confined space of a mindlessly generic sedan interior is slowly consumed and eventually merged – through violent rupture – to the outside, by an overactive, nippled, red ‘horror-airbag’. The intense, ambisonic score for this film heightens the menacing yet oddly comic transformation taking place.


Director: Erin Coates

Sound Designer: Stuart James

Camera Operator: Sohan Ariel Hayes

Colourist: Sohan Ariel Hayes

Grip: Tim Vella

Location Manager: Jon Marsh


This film was supported by the Department of Culture and the Arts, Government of Western Australia.