4 – 25 JUNE 2016

Artist in Conversation: 3pm, Saturday 25 June


‘STILL HERE tells the story of Aboriginal people in Victoria before and since white settlement. The appearance of white men on our land meant that our life would never be the same again. Life has changed, we have struggled, been treated badly. But we are still here – and growing stronger with each generation.

This is our story, a story of unity and survival.’ – Josh Muir



‘Murrunghurk’ tells the story of Willliam Buckley, ‘the wild white man’. While exploring the local Aboriginal history of Victoria, Muir was fascinated by the story. William Buckley was transported to Australia in 1803 for receiving a bolt of stolen cloth. He escaped from the first settlement of Port Phillip Bay, and at the point of starvation he fatefully took a spear from a recently dug grave to use as a crutch. The Wathaurong people believed him to be the owner of the spear returned from the dead, and accepted him into the tribe, where he learned their customs and language and lived with the tribe for 32 years.

“He became a part of their culture and didn’t try to make them a part of his culture … he was an example of how white people could have lived in harmony with Aboriginal people. Imagine If every non-Aboriginal person in Australia had taken the same approach as William?” – Josh Muir