Since graduating with First Class Honours in 2007 at the Victoria College of the Arts, Sophia has had numerous solo exhibitions including ‘Dy Dykrenore’, ‘Delivered [internalising the pervert/or re-building the body psyche]’ and ‘are you ok bob’.


Sophia was selected by Art Collector Magazine as one of Australia’s 50 most collectable artists. She has exhibited across Australia and internationally. Last year she was a recipient of the Northern Centre for Contemporary Art international project. This year she will complete a six month residency in New York at Residency Unlimited. Her preliminary research includes travelling to the Polygamous Mormon community of Hildale, interviewing street preachers, and meeting with pornography actors in Los Angeles.


“I am working, as a multidisciplinary artist, to generate ways of speaking about the body that are alternative to patriarchal ideology encoded in art, law, language and economy. Thus I use my body in my work as a means to inhabit a new subject position alternative to these singular idealities.” – Hewson