Congratulations to Stephen Haley, Tony Lloyd and Sophia Hewson | R & M McGivern Prize 2019

Congratulations to Stephen Haley, Tony Lloyd and Sophia Hewson who have been shortlisted as a finalists for the R & M McGivern Prize 2019.

The R & M McGivern Prize is an acquisitive award and aims to promote artistic excellence in painting and build a high quality collection for the Maroondah region. The exhibition of finalists will be held across two venues, ArtSpace at Realm and Maroondah Federation Estate Gallery, Ringwood from 23 November 2019 to 2 February 2020.

“The focus of the R & M McGivern Prize theme this year is ‘Anthropocene’, which translates literally as ‘Anthro’ – meaning human and ‘cene’ – era. This much debated and hotly contested epoch, has encouraged artists to consider what human-generated environmental change looks like” – Emily Jones,  Maroondah City Council’s Curator of Exhibitions and Collection.

It is a valuable opportunity for Maroondah City Council to build upon their distinguished art collection and to strengthen the growing reputation of contemporary arts in Maroondah.

Please visit: Maroondah City Council for more information on the McGivern Art Prize


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