Troy Emery | Withdrawn

13 – 29 July 2017


Troy Emery’s work has taken off for a number of reasons I think. For one thing, many of my clients are incredibly busy and Troy’s work makes for the perfect pet – you don’t have to feed them or take them for a walk or to the vet. They make great company – they’re always there when you get home from work. They’re bright and cuddly and sometimes they’re crazily hairy and other times they’re like mad confectionary. Sometimes they’re totally feral and a bit unnerving but that just adds to their charm. They can also trigger the imagination – you might see a dog or a cat or a monkey or an Amazonian tree sloth and ponder what kind of hallucinatory environment they hail from. In some ways it’s like high-adrenalin taxidermy without the gruesome aspects – like trophies for art collectors. We all crave a bit of colour in our lives, especially in the grey of winter, and Troy’s crazy creatures supply that in abundance.


– Andy Dinan, director, MARS Gallery



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