Charlotte Vignau | The Eighth King

27 September – 20 October 2018



The Eighth King


Religion and human behaviour have shared an intricate reflexive connection throughout history. The Eighth King explores the complex relationship between Christian heritage and the development of the human psyche towards a pattern of self-destructive behaviour. Anchored in the myth of Babylon, the work examines my own Christian upbringing and its impact on the woman that I am today.


The sculptural piece references the Freudian theory of death instincts: when life instincts or sexual instincts are rejected, a pattern of self-destructive behaviour is created. By embodying religious family heirlooms in a self-portrait, I hint at the connection between religion and death instincts.


Acting as a sonic conduit, the sound piece enhances the notion of self-destruction highlighted throughout the work. Created in collaboration with the playwright Nathaniel Moncrieff, the piece envisions ideas of repressed and deplorable female sexuality within the Christian realm.


Charlotte Vignau is an emerging artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Working across varied mediums, her practice is centered in the construction of myth and storytelling, and their impact on the human psyche. Her work is infromed by an interest in psychoanalysis and feminism, and interrogates dominant symbolism through constructed experiences.


Charlotte Vignau recently completed a Bachelor of Photography at Photography Studies College.



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