Fabrice Bigot | BLOOM

1 – 29 March 2018






To celebrate International Women’s Day this March, renowned Melbourne photographer Fabrice Bigot has joined forces with Andy Dinan and her gallery MARS to create and exhibit a new series of rose portraits titled BLOOM.


‘Working with plants and especially flowers is always a challenge. You are never given enough time to capture their beauty and chance is always part of the process.


To photograph these ten roses, I knew that I would have a little more than a month and therefore, I started a month ahead of the beginning of the season to search for the places and gardens where I could find the finest specimens in order to photograph them in-situ.


Because I like working with minimum equipment and available light I had to get ready very early in the morning when the light is not too strong, the shadows still soft and full of details and the flowers sometimes still covered in dew.


Throughout the six weeks during which the roses are in full bloom, I spent my time walking around some of the most beautiful private gardens in the state of Victoria, sometimes having to come back several times in order to capture one specimen at its best, thanks to all these people who let me wander in their gardens as many as I needed, like Michael Morrison, head gardener of the exquisite Cruden Farm.’


Fabrice Bigot


Commissions from the sale of Bigot’s BLOOM series will be donated to Global Fund for Women to support anti violence programs throughout the world.





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