Shaun Wilson | From the Dark Light

1 – 24 February 2018




‘Form the Dark Light’ is comprised of two recent slow cinema works from the wider Uber Memoria collective series placed within The 51 Paintings Suite. The First, Uber Memoria L Part I, is the first of a ten part video play reconstructing the poses from characters located in early German medieval paintings to then be situated into new artworks as a ‘memory’ of the former. Uber Memoria X Part I is the first of a ten part video play that recontextualises 18th century English Romanticist portrait paintings through the guise of a gothic sublime. Both artworks, although separated by series and intent, contribute to an ongoing visuality used in my work to posit darkness as a device to represent the subject in chiaroscuro with the intent of evoking sentiments of oscillation between nocturnal tension and false memories. 


– Shaun Wilson, January 2018

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