Simon Finn |  Instability

19 July – 18 August 2018



‘Instability’ 2018 at MARS gallery is the presentation of a new body of work generated by Simon Finn. The artwork is demonstration of continued exploration of temporal representations and the variable syntheses between artist, environment and technology.


Human well-being is integrally connected to the world’s oceanic ecosystems which are now challenged by environmental decay. This exhibition responds to that challenge through artworks incorporating technological innovations responding to aquatic experiences and connections between art, architectural form (Loosely based on Newgrange – Ireland) and the poetics of the ocean -particularly in intertidal zones.


Fieldwork has led to the confirmation of a specific intertidal site for research at Buckley’s Bay in Victoria, chosen for its historical significance, and the specific topological conditions for site-specific sculptural interaction with tidal forces. My fieldwork has also led to the investigation of actual bodily submersion, and particularly the physiological and emotional affects of underwater experience in freediving.


Research into intertidal sites and bodily immersion has led to the question of how the varied time scales of the ocean can be reconfigured as a new poetics of constructed forms including: drawing, animation/video and sculptural works. The study of human relations with the ocean requires a critical consideration of the longue durée, which will be investigated through the local site and my own immersion in its marine environment. The findings will be reconfigured by digital visualization techniques with the aim of forging affective connections between simulation and ocean ecologies.