Hannah Raisin | Colour Force 

28 February – 16 March 2019



Hannah Raisin’s new work Colour force echoes the artist’s interest in innate gravities and how they could relate to matrilineal connection and iconic femininity.


The work playfully reflects the artist’s transition into parenthood, from un-stem-able floods of colostrum to palpable elation and ultimately an all-consuming sensation of drowning in a bath of milk. Through video, sculpture and installation Colour force manifests the artist’s ongoing investigation into surface, connection and sensations of submersion.


Compulsion and connection are at the core of this work as it unpacks maternal relationships and the bonding processes of kinship. This is also played out in the creation of a large ceramic bowl; hand-crafted in collaboration with the artist’s mother. While the inside of the bowl is smooth and holds a quantity of white milk, the outside remains course and covered with impressions of the makers fingers and hands. The bowl is installed on a pedestal and illuminated in the dark by a video projecting onto its reflective liquid.


Taking its lead from one of western histories most popular icons ‘Madonna and child’, this interpretation of Christianity’s favourite virgin foregrounds the biological processes of those famous breasts and mixes them with humour, celebrating the abject delights of the female body.

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