Joshua Burrowes | The Myth of Sisyphus

12 October – 2 November 2019 






Allow me to cast light upon a series of mundane objects – objects often over-looked and under-seen. Here are trivial artefacts that guide the everyday, Sisyphean tasks of our existence – the seemingly pointless and repetitive rituals that weave the fabric of our lives.


I’m drawn to the melodrama of monochrome. I like that it can make a shower cap appear serious and austere or imbue a pair of rubber gloves with pathos and piety. Monochrome creates a different dialogue of the ordinary.


This body of work reflects my relationship with the absurdity found in the everyday. Because life is made up of Monday mornings, milk and muesli. Amongst the monotony, you can either laugh or cry; Absurdism is choosing to laugh, and to accept that none of this has any intrinsic meaning.


Here are icons of the ordinary, inviting you to embellish them with significance.

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