Kenny Pittock | Connector pens connecting

21 March – 13 April 2019


Kenny Pittock has never eaten a Mars Bar. When Kenny was five his brother lost a tooth from biting into one and ever since then Mars has been a bit scary to him. Twenty-five years later and Kenny’s now exhibiting a ceramic sculpture of a Mars bar, which if you bit into it would probably also leave you missing a tooth.


In his upcoming exhibition ‘Connector Pens Connecting’, Pittock presents ten new ceramic sculptures which meander between the playful, the subversive and the serious. The works in this exhibition are all connected by the theme of connection. 

Despite the informality of his sculptures, Kenny’s works have an admirable artistic quality that continues to bring the viewer close. His tactile surfaces, pale fondant hues, and satirical Australian references reflect the familiar and the cherished. Kenny’s sentiment fits neatly with a practise that brings to life everyday objects, combines humour and optimism with wordplay and sensitivity, the works fuse commercial reality with artistic virtue, whilst both enticing and mirroring memories and moments.


Kenny has completed artist residencies at the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery (2016), ING in Sydney (2017) and Deakin University (2018). Kenny has also been lucky enough to exhibit his work in many great acronyms including ACCA, PICA and MONA FOMA. Kenny completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts Painting in 2012, at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, later to complete his Honours in 2013. Since then, Pittock has exhibited all across Australia, as well as having solo exhibitions in Italy and Singapore.


Kenny was the recipient of the 2017 Redlands Emerging Artist acquisitive award and his work is featured in many collections including the Deakin University Art Collection, the Monash University Museum of Art Collection and the City of Melbourne State Collection.



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