Tom Borgas | Hyperobject (The Cloud)

24 May – 15 June 2019





Tom Borgas

Hyperobject (The Cloud)


‘ First coined in 2008 by speculative philosopher Timothy Morton, Hyperobjects are ecological objects with spatial and temporal dimensions the totality of which extends far beyond the limits of human perception. Examples include global warming, the solar system, all the styrofoam every created and the stock market. Given our perception of these things is only ever partial, it is a concept that challenges traditional ideas of thingness.


The Cloud is a great example of a hyperobject. Posting photos on Facebook or streaming music through Spotify, we engage with something that extends far beyond our local experience of it. Our engagement with The Cloud feels convenient and immaterial but its existence is contingent on a vast network of hardware, components and connections that bore through geography, politics, time and space.


This suite of sculptures exists as a speculative exploration of The Cloud as hyperobject. It resists the techno-mythology of The Cloud as non-physical and offers a range of sculptural artefacts that explore complex logic of armatures as conspicuous players in the support more regularly structured triangulated surfaces.’ 


– Tom Borgas


Tom Borgas is an emerging artist working from a sculptural foundation across multiple platforms including gallery and project work, public sculpture, festival interventions and performance. Developed through an oscillation between digital and analogue processes his work is an investigation of the space between image and object, virtual and physical, maker and viewer.


Tom’s work has been exhibited across Australia most recently at the Kyneton Triennial of Contemporary Art and as part of the Jam Factory’s touring exhibition Concrete: Art Design Architecture. Commissioned work has been developed for clients including the City Of Brisbane, The City of Adelaide, Charter Hall, Golden Age Group and Hilton Hotel Adelaide. Tom’s practice has also received support numerous awards and prizes and through contributions from the Australia Council for the Arts, Arts South Australia and NAVA.


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