Salient Moments In The Habitual Pattern | Hiball 

4 – 21 March 2020 


Hiball, Salient Moments In The Habitual Pattern, HD Video, 2020, Courtesy of the artist



While moving through the world, we are constantly scanning, drawing familiar narratives out of our visual field. Similarly, when we encounter a constructed world, in any medium, our impulse for storytelling follows. What we understand to be familiar is based on an internal sense of feeling, memory and the sentimental. 


‘Salient Moments in the Habitual Pattern’ reconstructs memories from the history of Hiball’s creative practice. These new images, recreated as blended abstractions of the physical world, utilise photogrammetry to create stylistic tableaux. The work aims to move past the traditional frame, and into a new visual cache.


Hiball is creative studio between Stanton Cornish-Ward and Alexandra Kirwood, specializing in experimental video, short film and fashion film. Both graduating from RMIT’s Bachelor of Design (Fashion), the duo formed Hiball as a way to explore larger concepts and ideas through generative video projects. Hiball utilizes their design and film backgrounds to create highly detailed, hypothetical worlds. Their works have been shown in the official selections of film festivals in Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Romania, Spain, U.K and U.S.A.

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