2021: Do I need gallery representation?

What: Panel on whether today’s contemporary artists need a gallery

When: Saturday 22nd May 3.30pm sharp

Where: MARS Gallery, 7 James Street Windsor

To celebrate |notfair|’s eleventh year of showcasing independent artists who do not fit the commercial mould, MARS Gallery are delighted to announce a lively panel discussion surrounding the issue of representation. Called ‘2021: Do I still need gallery representation?’, this talk features gallerists, represented artists, and unrepresented artists in conversation about whether it is still actually beneficial for an artist to be represented by a gallery.

On the panel will be Ash Coates (unrepresented multidisciplinary artist and exhibiting in |notfair| and Dr Sam Leach (co-founder of |notfair| and talented contemporary artist represented by Sullivan + Strumpf). Joining us from Sydney will be director of Olsen Gallery, Tim Olsen, and gallery Director of MARS, Andy Dinan will be facilitating and moderating the discussion.

Each panel member will talk, presenting their opinion and point of view about the idea of representation and its contemporary relevance. This will be followed by an interactive Q&A session where the audience is invited to ask questions.

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