The Devil’s Cloak

Under The Devil’s Cloak we inhabit notions of otherworldliness. Transported through portals beyond these realms into the under lands, the dark spaces that parallel and mimic our world. It conjures ideas of the metaphysical and supernatural. We enter into the domain of the spirit world, places that are unfamiliar where things morph and mutate. In this place characters travel between worlds, through layers and layers and transcend the bounds of space and time. Creatures that lie beneath the cloak exist in a passage between this world and the next; and peering under we start to descend into the darkest pits of the earth.


This body of work has been created throughout the lockdown period, where time and space in the domestic setting seemed to accelerate and standstill simultaneously, a sort of purgatory; and embracing this space I let my mind wonder and my drawings flow. These creatures that have been created became my confidants throughout isolation, becoming increasing absurd and darkly comical. I imagined these characters to exist under ‘The Devil’s Cloak’ as tricksters and tragic comical beasts, trying to escape from one world to the next. Drawing from personal memories, imaginary beasts and scenarios this body of work playfully makes reference to some of the challenges encountered throughout the year.

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