Dipping My Hand In


30 March – 24 April

Dipping My Hand In is my third solo exhibition, expanding upon the work from my previous two solo exhibitions Devotions and Endless Patience. Through this work, I explore the relationship between objects and notions of power and superstition.

These still life arrangements draw upon themes of opulence and ceremony, featuring items such as black silk, glass, metal, leather, flowers, candles and ceramics. Each arrangement is a sort of altar I have arranged by my own hand, but to who or what is the offering?

Rituals and superstitious behaviours have long interested me, particularly in the ways we feel pulled to control our surrounds. Here there is comfort in action; a sense of having power over one’s own fate. These behaviours have been seen throughout history in religious or devotional practices, and also in certain psychological states.

When I was little I would lie on my bed in the dark each night and count the twenty glow-in-the-dark stars on my ceiling. If I lost count, I’d have to start again. This sounds innocent now, but I feel it came from the same longing for reassurance, or semblance of control, as knocking on a wooden table or lighting a prayer candle.

Through my practice, I am always thinking about and questioning the meaning of the objects that I come across. These meanings can also change upon revisiting. I think, what is your purpose and what is your value? What is just as it is and what could represent something more?


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