This space of vibration


3 August – 28 August


Saturday the 6th of August

5 – 7 pm


Through layered constructions of illuminated coloured perspex, This space of vibration refines Meagan Streader’s investigations into the shifting and unstable nature of perception. This new suite of wall-mounted and free-standing sculptures expand on her previous explorations into colour, optics and light phenomena, and reference her large-scale immersive light installations.

Streader’s work considers how we perceive and respond to light and colour within spatial contexts. They have a quality that is both vibrant and ethereal. Colour, light and darkness are combined to create poetic illuminations and illusory textures. The works blend energised elements to create a vivid liveliness and atmospheric reverberation, creating illusions of the infinite through linear repetition.

This space of vibration alludes to realms that are elusive and imaginary. Streader’s works communicate a personal sensitivity and affinity with light and space. Her enquiries into colour and light examine emotional transformations and psychological excesses. In these new works, Streader attempts to create a shared experience of warmth and collective energy through the dissolution of bodies and architectural boundaries in the darkness.