Ocean dwelling


25 May – 12 June


Simon Finn’s exhibition at MARS Gallery for 2022 displays his new propositional artworks for an ocean dwelling. The oceanic dwelling is like a giant ‘rock pool’ that has been designed for increasing the health and well being of ocean ecologies and our communities.


“The focus of these proposition artworks is for the eventual development and construction of a large-scale marine artwork in a significant and accessible offshore site. This new development would entice a direct experience in the sea, as a place for the forging public connections to the ocean”.


The works on display form components of a proposal for a constructed place to be built primarily for aquatic observation, where we can witness the current state of the ocean, its phenomena, and processes. Simon Finn’s new propositional artworks are in the form of ink studies, structural drawings and scaled prototype sculptures. These artworks form the basis for the eventual creation of a momentous sculpture in the sea.