Gilded Cage


27 July – 19 August



GILDED CAGE is my fourth solo show on ideas based around introspective ideology and represents a path of successive shows on the topic. It aims to represent a look into the inner workings of my mind by speaking to my anxieties, insecurities and ruminations. The work sets focus on what exactly it means to be conscious and consumed by anxious or undesirable thoughts. Through a journey of self-inquiry, I am brought me here, to a show where I am to recognise the phenomenon of the self as a product of consciousness all consumed by the appearances within its periphery, and the self being a product of persistent identification with thought. The idea of the gilded cage represents the coupling of the overwhelmingly positive experience of being conscious with the feeling of often being confined within this mind and body, dealing with persistent ruminations which can at times plague our every moment. Much of my work is created to better understand what it means to be conscious and move through the world. It’s an attempt to maintain a healthy relationship between mind and body and generate meaningful experiences that perpetuate a positive inner dialogue by attempting to come to terms with its negative characteristics. 





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