5 MARCH – 26 APRIL, 2015

David Burrows Lucent interactive installation dimensions variable copy

The Lucent series use a horizontal line animated in real time by the sound of a freeway to create a wave form. In this series light from video projectors is employed as a sculptural element. The light itself forms a surface that creates a tangible volume.

The goal is to play with contradictions; to sculpt with immaterial elements, to form an object of beauty from pollutants, to model a natural environment from human emissions. Sound from a freeway is analysed and used to generate a graphic wave form which is then projected into an aquarium filled with smoke.

The sound is also filtered and played in the room with the aquarium. The freeway now sounds like the distant roll of the ocean and the aquarium appears filled with liquid, rocking with luminous waves which ebb and flow in harmony with the sound. This is a poetic dramaturgy offered to the patient observer who is willing to sit with the work for a passage of time.

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