A Public Kitchen | Sonic Electric

led and choreographed by Juliana España Keller

Thursday 31 January
Performance 7 pm



SONIC ELECTRIC is a feminist, Fluxus/Punk local sound performance art collective made up of a cluster of members who are interchangeable, autonomous, anonymous. Situated in Melbourne, Australia, are led and choreographed by Juliana España Keller, a Canadian doctoral researcher at the University of Melbourne, Faculty of Fine Arts & Music. Her research is located within the fields of sound performance, feminist materialist thinking and intra-cultural collaboration.


A Public Kitchen is formed by recreating the private and domestic space of a kitchen to a public space through a sonic performance artwork. The kitchen table is a platform—the motherboard, for exploring variations in sound behavior of experimental noise from kitchen tools. Juliana seeks to reposition the kitchen tool by exploring its displacement and functionality using electronic and manual manipulation to investigate the movement and sensory behavior of sonic power by dismantling the tools of the modernized kitchen inventory as noisy tools of resistance and resonance. Each Public Kitchen contributes to feminist participatory practices acknowledging the importance of agential material reality, deep listening, giving attention to voices of women or those who identify with women, gender fluid and transgender, with respect for the agency and limitation of others. Through a sonic performative artwork the human and the non-human intersect.


Feminism is a world view that demands rethinking questions of power in society with undeniable potential in her understanding of private domestic space to the politics of public space. Juliana has presented “Public Kitchens” in 2018 in Melbourne at Abbotsford Convent, The Make-It-Up Club and in Tasmania with MONA (The Museum of Old and New Art), Gagebrook, BrickFactory Studioworks (Hobart, Tasmania). Her final PhD exhibition will take place at the Northern Laundries Space at Abbotsford Convent in April 2019.


Juliana has worked extensively abroad at MACM (Museum of Contemporary Art Museum of Montreal), the CCA (Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal, Canada), ISEA (International Symposium on Electronic Arts, Dubai (U.A.E.) and Hong Kong (China), Centro Negra AADK (Murcia, Spain), Mengi (Reykjavik, Iceland), SIM Gallery (Samband íslenskra mynlistarmanna), (Berlin, Germany/Reykjavik Iceland), Glasshouse ArtLab (Brooklyn, New York), Muu Gallery (Helsinki, Finland), 300m2 (Gothenburg, Sweden), Nina Menocal Gallery (Mexico City, Mexico).

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