4 – 27 AUGUST 2016



Aly Indermühle’s artistic explorations encompass sculpture, light, and digital technologies. She seeks to combine the structure of the real world with the beauty of sublime elements and energies, which are both intangible and ephemeral. Her installation works utilise form, light, and atmosphere to enliven constructed environments. Each artwork is about the viewer’s experience, a relatable and wonder filled dream state world where the mind is released to explore light, shape, colours, and the play of shadow on form. Two of her light installations were selected to be part of VIVID 2016.


Indermühle’s twenty-year career has spanned multiple elements of film and television production, to include 3D animation, artistic creation, sculpture, lighting, texturing and theme park design. Indermühle created and operated the Untied States Air Force’s first full functional Animation Studio and worked for MTV Productions Switzerland. She now exclusively focuses on Light Art Installations in her artistic practice and is finalizing her MFA at the National Art School in Sydney, Australia.

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