5  FEBRUARY – 9 MARCH, 2014


Anne’s layered luminous works on paper command our attention to small details of beauty. Often working on one piece for months or even years, Judell’s art is as much an art of archaeology as drawing, an excavation into the subtle relations between light and shade. Judell sculpts her paper, revealing the hidden layers between charcoal, pastel, Gesso and paper.
“[Judell’s] work demands attention by calling softly. In a world of clashes and chaos, this work speaks of something different. With dense layers and subtle surfaces it talks of the mystery of growth, of essences and fragility, of quiet contemplation. It is like a thought once understood and lost, which one tries to grasp again.” – Guy Warren, Dobell Prize


“… Judelll’s drawings appear like bolts of electricity, tiny ions of power and energy which are broken down into substance and then reapplied onto her paper or linen. The energy inherent in her work is endless but the fibers of paper, the dust and flakes of pastels and oil sticks, and the weave of the fabric all reconnect. The synapses fuse and a new opportunity for energy and matter is created within the airy space of her studio. These paintings and drawings are maps or models, a means of making sense of the unknowable and intangible. We get a sneak peak of what it might be like to be no more than an atom but with the full consciousness of a human. This is the joy of Judell’s work.” – Prue Gibson, The Rapture of Death


‘I spend half my life closely observing the natural world. The other half I spend in the studio, attempting to translate this experience into two-dimensional form. I am always drawn to the minutiae exposing the evolution of form. Fragility, intimacy, cycles and sequences are what interest me, as opposed to the heroic and the sublime.’ – Anne Judell, 2005


Anne is one of Australia’s most prominent artists working on paper and is represented in State and Regional collections, including the National Gallery of Victoria, the Art Gallery of New South Wales and the National Gallery of Australia. Her work has also been selected for and acquired by the Dobell, Kedumba and Jacaranda, Drawing Prizes.
Anne Judell Artist page

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