Mish Meijers, Diego Ramirez, Scotty So, Min Wong

30 March – 25 April 2021



MARS Gallery is pleased to announce a group exhibition April Fool, with four artists considering the balancing of tensions through multiple media including prints, paintings, and sculptural installations.


Mish Meijers, Diego Ramirez, Scotty So, and Min Wong have created works which slowly seduce, drawing you closer before languidly revealing a deeper meaning. From utopian elements, to a meditation on modernist forms with esoteric practices, these artists surprise and provoke emotions ranging from hilarity to wonder.


Mish Meijers’ practice surrounds the conceptual or physical dichotomies of matter, whereas Diego Ramirez uses subversive images to question identities. Scotty So – currently showing at the NGV Triennial – explores the contradictory relationship between humour and sincerity, and Min Wong looks at the spiritual counterculture to embrace mysticism and alternative narratives. Together, these artists are unified by a desire to enchant and fascinate, before slowly unfolding to divulge their true intention. Often seductive, sometimes destabilising, never boring, April Fool is on at MARS Gallery until 25 April 2021


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