Stephen Haley, Repose, 2012, Single Channel Video, 2 min 04 seconds endless repeated, dimensions variable

Stephen Haley, Repose, 2012, Single Channel Video, 2 min 04 seconds endless repeated

Edition of 5



As shown at MEDIA X MUMM Art Central Hong Kong 2017


Repose is based in a virtual hotel room – the sort of generic, standardized space that is now repeated globally – with surface variations. It was modelled and animated using 3D modelling software, photographic images and resources drawn from the Internet. The title Repose suggests rest, but also to re-pose something – as one would a question, or in rearranging a set piece. The room is filled with references to communications, simulation, virtual space, various theorists and many other contemporary conditions. Strange, dream-like things happen.


There is an uncertain narrative and multiple narratives are in collision – just as things are now. The work repeats, endlessly, in a fugue- like cycle, returning seamlessly to the point of its beginning. Many details only reveal themselves through repeated viewing, unfolding through time in the same way a painting does. Like a painting, I hope the work to be beguiling, enigmatic, beautiful and hypnotic.


Stephen Haley is a Melbourne based painter, digital media artist and writer. Using various media, including 3D modeling software, his work investigates actual and virtual space while building on his PhD thesis that considered the mirror as the defining metaphor and mechanism underpinning contemporary Western space and culture.


Haley has exhibited widely in Australia and internationally for the past 18 years including exhibitions in Europe and the US. He exhibits with Lumas Gallery in Berlin, Paris, New York, Zurich and London.

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