MARS is celebrating recent acquisitions of represented artists into major Australian collections, including:

Jenna Lee, White Grass Tree 3, 2021 – acquired by City of Kingston

Jenna Lee, Dilly Can, 2023 – acquired by Deakin University

Jenna Lee, Without Us, 2022 – acquired by Merri-bek City Council

Atong AtemNyanluak, 2022 – acquired by Merri-bek City Council

Atong AtemKohl and Veil, The Bride Wore Pearls 1The Bridesmaid 3, 2022, Acquired by Morgan Stanley Art Collection

Kenny Pittock, 52 ceramic replicas of shopping lists found while working in a Melbourne supermarket, 2022 – acquired by NGV


Congratulations to MARS artists currently included in major Australian art prizes:

Jenna Lee, Grass Tree (growing together), 2022 – WINNER Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award (Young & Early Career Artist)

Diego Ramierez, When I was a child, I used to dress like El Diablito, 2021 – FINALIST Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award

Scotty So, Sleeping Apnea Beauty, 2023 – FINALIST  Incinerator Art Award: Art for Social Change

Kenny Pittock, Koala Teddy, 2022 – FINALIST Deakin Small Sculpture Award

Jenna Lee, Dilly Can, 2023 – FINALIST Deakin Small Sculpture Award

Meagan Streader, Shadow (tower) – FINALIST Wyndham Art Prize

Penelope Davis Photoglyph (red/green), 2023 – FINALIST Wyndham Art Prize

Stephen Haley, Onboarding, 2022 – FINALIST Wyndham Art Prize

Meagan Streader, Ghost (tower), 2023 – FINALIST Fisher’s Ghost Art Award 2022

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