Brie Trenerry




2 Nov – 9 December 

Brie Trenerry ‘s new project BABBLE ON explores the profound implications of artificial intelligence (AI) and our pursuit of a collective consciousness. Through a combination of text-based collages, 3D holographic works, and AI-generated video animations, Trenerry draws inspiration from the timeless tale of the mythical Tower of Babel as a poignant metaphor of our own hubris. Today, the exponential growth of AI poses a greater challenge to human communications than any of the towering structures we create. While our architectural accomplishments have reached unprecedented heights, it is the god-like nature of AI, with its ambiguous power to both dismantle and perplex that raises significant concerns in a “post truth” world. Trenerry asks us to consider the escalating babble of AI and its role in shaping the future. Will it continue to speak for us, even without a visible mouth, unless we, as its creator, intervene?


Brie Trenerry is a local interdisciplinary artist, filmmaker, curator and educator with a focus on the moving image and new media who has exhibited extensively both in Australia and internationally. Trenerry is completing her PhD, which explores altered states of consciousness and collaboration as generative strategies for an expanded cinema. Brie has been the recipient of residencies at the Australian Experimental Art Foundation in Adelaide 2015, the Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens (AAIA) Contemporary Creative Residency via the University of Sydney 2018 and KdMoFA (Kuandu Museum of Fine Art), TNUA (Taiwan National University of the Arts, RMIT:ART:INTERSECT 2019. Trenerry has worked as the video curator at MARS gallery in Windsor since its opening in 2014.




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