Brie Trenerry | residency with KBT at TNUA Taipei, with Kuandu Museum of Fine Art

Brie Trenerry and Kieran BolandYou say Phonetic, I say Fanatic, 2019

MARS is proud to announce that Brie Trenerry is presenting an exciting exhibition at the conclusion of a residency with KBT at TNUA Taipei, with Kuandu Museum of Fine Art (KdMoFA) / RMIT University. The project, You say Phonetic, I say Fanatic will be showing from 16 September – 25 October 2019, in Taipei, Taiwan.

In collaboration with Kieran Boland, the project, You say Phonetic, I say Fanatic is inspired by a young woman from Taipei who taught herself English through watching only three films; The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975), Trainspotting (1996) and Fight Club (1999). Her immersion in these fictional worlds imbued her with an insight and a sense of humour surrounding Western decadence. Through repeated references to only three Taiwanese films, Trenerry’s intention is to produce a video based work that charts a parallel journey of understanding through our efforts to gain “cultural fluency.” 
The project asks questions relevant in both Taiwan and Australia. What expectations do we have of our own culture and what shadow do they cast upon that of others as a result of globalisation? Can we find merit in sharing our perceptions of cultural decline? Is the theme of restless youth common across cultures and if so, can we always attribute it to an external cause?

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