7 – 29 NOVEMBER 2015




My work is informed by personal memories or fragments of memories. We are defined by our past, our personal histories that weave and overlap with other individuals, events, popular culture and a raft of individual but still collective experiences. My intention is to connect with the viewer, to create an image or series of images that engage them and invite them to enter the image.

Like a painter or a writer, my work starts from a blank canvas or a blank page and proceeds from there. My approach is to construct a space, an environment, which best evokes the memory I am grasping for; a sort of half-light, somewhere between reality, dreams and memories.

I believe that through the re-examination, re-framing and re-construction of memories and remembered events we can shed light on who we are.

In constructing ‘Remembering what never happened’ I shot each actor and the scene independently and curated the images in post-production. This process allowed me to be responsive to the actors’ expressions and was intrinsic to constructing a near imperceivable disconnect between the characters.

– Bronek Kozka


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