Kite-Light Drawings
Police Point Art Residency, MonMar Portsea (South Eastern Australia) January 2018


One clear windy summer night, a box kite was sent aloft with a light on board, on 200 metres of line (kite string). In this incredibly beautiful site I positioned my camera so that the bright constellation of Orion ( aka the Saucepan) was in the sky behind the kite-light. Then I let the camera shutter stay open to record the movement of the kite in the winds, as it dipped, rose, and navigated the stars.


The kite light has traced out the otherwise invisible eddies of the winds as the weather passed over. The myriad coloured lines are the stars in the night sky, leaving lines as the earth turns, inscribing the passage of time.


Each image is a single exposure of 5-15 minutes (more lines = longer exposure) taken at night .

Cameron Robbins works to make tangible the underlying structures and rhythms of natural forces. Using his wind powered drawing instruments; Robbins’ installations transcribe the invisible energies of nature, the wind, the tides and light to create drawings, photographs, and moving image works.


These inquiries employ structural devices including kinetic wind or water powered mechanical systems. Their aesthetic is the result of both careful engineering and resourcefulness. The outputs of these site-specific installations include wind drawings and sound compositions. These interpretations of the dynamics and scale of the physical world suggest the complexities of the unknown.

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