Carly Tarkari Dodd

Mayinggi est 1859

4 July – 3 August

Opening: Thursday 11 July, 6-8pm


Carly Tarkari Dodd is a Kaurna/Narungga and Ngarrindjeri artist. Within her practice, Dodd mixes traditional and contemporary techniques to produce works that are conceptually and culturally driven. She has been mentored by Indigenous Tasmanian artist Max Mansell and was taught traditional weaving by Ngarrindjeri artist Ellen Trevorrow.


“This exhibition explores the material history of fabrics tied to Aboriginal Missions, highlighting how textiles such as linen and cotton were imposed upon Aboriginal peoples by missionaries as a tool of oppression. The stark white linen evokes my Dad’s memories of wearing freshly ironed shirts in preparation for inspections by welfare representatives, who would search for any excuse to remove children from their homes. These white linen shirts and grey shorts were meant to present the children as clean and tidy. The woven vessels, shaped to resemble the human form, symbolise the displaced individuals.” – Carly Tarkari Dodd


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