Crown Jewels


5 July – 31 July


Crown Jewels explores colonisation and England’s Royal Family by focusing on the Royal Jewels – a symbol of the monarchy. By weaving these jewellery pieces, Dodd is blakifying them, and taking back what was taken by European settlers in the name of the Crown.

The truth about what happened in Australia on the 26th of January 1788 has been ignored and brushed over. The country’s beginning has been glorified by the European colonists, and the continuation of this continues to impact Australia’s Aboriginal population. This must end. The truth must be faced head-on.

The Royal Family have been extremely prominent in the media over the past few decades, and their reign over the Commonwealth is a reminder of the hidden truths behind the beginnings of several countries. Their true beginnings.

Iconic jewellery pieces worn by Queen Elizabeth ll, Princess Diana and Duchess Kate Middleton have been re-created using a combination of traditional and contemporary indigenous weaving. 


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