Tricky Walsh, interference patterns in time, 2019, gouache and watercolour on paper.


We are pleased to announce the Tricky Walsh's solo exhibition 'Flatland' at Devonport Regional Gallery. 

Tricky Walsh, The Ana-katascope, 2018, Plywood, pine, maple, basswood, balsawood, acrylic, acrlic bearings, motor, light engines, optic fibres, dichroic prisms, mirror, paint, 
3 metre footprint, 3 metres high


Congratulations to Tricky Walsh who will be exhibiting new work in "Cosmopolis # 2: rethinking the human" from 23 October - 23 December at Centre Pompidou, Paris.
"Cosmopolis # 2" presents constellations of works around technological diversity, the relationship between place and scale, and the affirmation of other modes of existence and cosmologies. 

[caption id="attachment_16717" align="alignnone" width="819"] Tricky Walsh & Mish Meijers, 'The Crocker Land Expedition', 2018; timber, parachutes, found objects, sand, media, motors, lights, foam, bandaids, stockings, paper, hair, turntables, robotics[/caption]
Congratulations to Tricky Walsh and Mish Meijers who have been selected as artists in The National: New Australian Art for the 2019 program.
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