Simon Finn, Steady State Disruption, 2015, charcoal on paper, 70 x 120 cm


Analogue art in a digital world, curated by Tony Lloyd and Sam Leach, reveals the way artists discover new content through the use of digital media. Examining the use of analogue art practises- painting and drawing- the exhibition displays artworks that engage with or are influenced by digital visual culture. The exhibition showcases both represented artists and supported artists of MARS Gallery. 


MARS is pleased to see Simon Finn, Stephen Haley and Tony Lloyd, Kate Just, Becc Orszag and Datsun Tran merge digital aesthetics with traditional materials in RMIT’s exhibition Analogue art in a digital world



Hoda Afshar, Untitled #7 (Behold series), 2015, digital photographic print, 95 x 120, edition of 5 + 2 A/P


Congratulations to Hoda Afshar who has been announced as one of eight young Australian artists who will exhibit in in Primavera 2018 at Museum of Contemporary Art Australia. 


Primavera is the MCA’s annual exhibition of young Australian artists aged 35 and under. Since 1992, the Primavera series has showcased the works of artists and curators in the early stages of their career. This year’s exhibition asks, ‘Why is identity important today?’ The participating artists consider, explore and re-examine the politics of identity, visibility and representation. Curated by Megan Robson. 


Hoda Afshar’s photography series, Behold, exhibited at MARS Gallery June 2018. 


Hannah Raisin, Strawberry Sunday, 2010, single channel video, 30 sec, edition of 3 + 1 A/P


Hannah Raisin’s video work, Strawberry Sunday, is showing in the MARS Gallery bathroom until 20 December. 


‘Women don’t shit.’ These words were etched into my memory after being told this years ago by a fellow teenager. Strawberry Sunday humorously plays out this vision, imagining what secretions would be celebrated emitting from an ‘ideal’ woman.


Originally made for the show The View From Here: 19 Perspectives on Feminism, this work unpacks a desire to at once allure and repulse – creating an opportunity for the viewer to question what it is they are looking at and how the looking makes them feel.’ 

Bayside City Council Gallery
Freshwater/Saltwater Exhibition
Saturday, July 21, 2018 to Sunday, September 9, 2018


View Simon Finn’s work at Bayside City Council Gallery’s current exhibition Freshwater/ Saltwater, a collaborative exhibition between Gallery at Bayside Arts & Cultural Centre and Shepparton Art Museum. 


Freshwater/Saltwater features contemporary and historical works that highlight how water remains central to identity, and to how and where we live. Artworks reveal the evolving narratives of place and people through connections to water from  Aboriginal Australians and first European settlement to the perspectives of contemporary artists in the present day.