Domenico de Clario offers a gift

domenico de clario

gift (serenade)

7 pm until 10 pm each wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday

from wednesday april 21 until wednesday may 26 (full moon) 2021

museum of innocence / (ex priceline on 62 langtree mall)


Each of over one hundred songs is offered as a gift direct to you from the composers of the melodies and the writers of the lyrics, re-interpreted as simply as possible via voice and keyboard, so that the essential spirit of the song is transmitted to you unhindered by the marketplace’s white noise and other commercial prerogatives.


The chosen songs are simple declarations of heart, and as such they mindfully affirm grace, kindness, respectfulness, hope, optimism and a longing for a world that values such qualities above their opposites; they all could, in a sense, be thought of as one song, devoid of cynicism and replete with hope about the human condition.


Most were written during the early part of last century and their offering reflects a deep desire to redefine our current narrative more in accordance with optimism about human nature than the fatigued negativity that seems to characterize our exchanges.


As an autumn offering from the museum of innocence you are warmly invited to choose three songs from the list of one hundred-and-six below, and then identify a suitable time to come and sit in the museum and have your chosen songs performed for you, between 7.00 pm and 10 pm each Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening, from April 21 until May 26 2021.


Please call or text 0448 102 000 or email domenico.declario@gmail.com to make your booking, identifying your preferred time (falling on each hour and half-hour, for example either at 7pm; or 7.30 pm; 8 pm; 8.30 pm; 9pm or 9.30 pm) and the number and title of each song.


If you can, visit the Museum of Innocence 15 minutes before the time your chosen songs are to be performed, in order to ensure that you are able to prepare yourself appropriately to allow for an attentive listening and consequent hearing of your songs. If you cannot hear your offering, that is okay. Your gift will travel through the intervening time and space and reach your heart. Domenico can also call you during your time to hear your songs.


Everyone is of course welcome to come and sit in the museum at any time between 7.00 pm and 10 pm from April 21 until May 26, and to listen to all the gift songs as they are performed through that time, whether they be for you or for others


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