28 MAY – 14 JUNE, 2015

Western Digital


Western Digital is the other side of Jack presented at Melbourne Now in 2012, which ended on the half finished Buddhist temple in Footscray.

“I’m interested in contrasting Buddhist principles of mindfulness and removing yourself from time to the act of photography, grasping of permanence, embalming a moment. This film is an oblique sequel” ­- Emile Zile.

Western Digital records the giving of the alms to Buddhist monks—the Tak Bak ceremony in Luan Praban in North Laos—where we become confronted by a new kind of worship, as the performance of the technology users acquires all our attention.

Emerging in the early 2000s Emile Zile’s practice has focused on notions of digital communities, consumerism and the performance of the self.

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