FIVE art things to know now we are unlocked

Blue Weave, 59.4×81.65cm, digital print on paper, 2021 (10+2AP), (75×103.1cm Unique Edition)

Atong Atem is currently showing at Immigration Museum, NGV Triennial and at MARS for Photo 21 with her new works and will be speaking at MARS in a Photo 21 event

When: 1 March, 5-6 pm

What: Join speakers – Mariama Attah (UK) Photography curator, writer and lecturer, curator of Open eye Gallery, Liverpool. Atong Atem (Aust) artist Santilla Chingaipe (Aust) journalist, filmmaker in conversation. This discussion will reference history, migration and identity. The talk will be live on MARS instagram or join us at our Windsor gallery.

No bookings needed and no cost involved.


Wearing a mask during The Third Bubonic Plague, No. 02, 2020, 76cm x 51cm, edition 6 plus 2 A/P

Scotty So – the Melbourne arts graduate who hit the headlines being hand picked for the NGV Triennial is now showing at MARS Small room downstairs with exciting new hologram works.

Scotty will be back performing at the NGV after dark programme as part of the Triennial where he is showing ceramic masks and a series of photography. Meanwhile at MARS, venture down down down stairs to see Scotty’s new hologram works and photography.

A Stone from Another Mountain, Ngee (2), 2019, pigment print on aluminium, MDF, enamel, 80 cm (diam)

Join us as we travel to Benalla Gallery for Damien Shen’s Photo 21 exhibition , A Stone from Another Mountain .

Floor Talk – Saturday March 6, noon

Talk Noon – Ashley Crawford (via Zoom) and Damien Shen supervised by Eric Nash, Director Benalla Art Gallery

Benalla Gallery exhibition dates – NOW (get thee to Benalla ) to 21 March

Visit Benalla for this talk and see the stunning this body of Damien Shen works that embrace traditional drawing and the archaic technology of wet plate collodion photographic process.

Get ready for Melbourne Fashion Festival at MARS – Independent arts program

R3 Vision 11- 20 March

Opening 11 March 6 – 9 pm on mars roof.

Get set to explore a curation by Brie Trenerry and Hiball of advanced media (VR/AR/3D) in the production of pioneering fashion films.

Physical limitations imposed by Covid -19 have accelerated digital innovation, forging new collaborations where fashion, film and art all meet at this exhibition at MARS.

RSVP essential (covid safe number restrictions may apply)


Photo by Cameron Robbins

Get set to see – at Museum Contemporary Art, Sydney

Cameron Robbins has been commissioned by MCA to make, ‘Wind Anolog’ a wind powered drawing instrument for the Loti Smorgon Sculpture Terrace. The spectacular new work will be on the Terrace overlooking Circular quay, the opera house and bridge for about 2 years from early March 2021.

Wind Anolog creates a large scale drawing in graphite onto a white marble egg-shaped slab as the winds ebb and flow, representing wind strength and direction in an accumulating drawing over the months in all weathers.

Cameron has been also busy preparing “Oenograf” fabricated with the Sculpture Co and commissioned by the MCA Sydney for The National 2021, from March 25 until August. Oenograf is an sculptural drawing instrument making live drawings powered by fermenting wine. As yeast eats sugar in fresh grape juice, the CO2 released moves a drawing arm, making paper which is slowly rotating, making week-long drawings. The activity in the grape juice is like a tiny weather system, unpredictable and interesting.

This work is in collaboration with wine maker Maison Lapalus from Harcourt, Vic, who will be supplying freshly fermented wine for the 5 month period.

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