GARY WILLIS & ASSOCIATES | TeVe VuDu (1982 – 2016)

30 JUNE – 30 JULY 2016

TeVe VuDu - with Marissa Matear & Kat Clark - 2015 

TeVe VuDu – with Marissa Matear & Kat Clark – 2015


TeVe VuDu is a series of videos begun in 1981 when Willis was teaching Video Art, at what is now RMIT and Melbourne University.

They began using the Andy Warhol ‘Screen Test’ method.  You know the deal – leave someone alone in a room with a camera. However different to the Warhol method the sound track of the TeVe VuDu tapes has been either removed or altered and replaced by a dance action; chroma–keyed across the image to translate the disclosure into body language.  These tapes were never shown.


More recently Willis has re–activated the project, now working with a broad cross–section of friends and associates.


The Brief – consider the camera as your most intimate confidant and disclose your most prescient story, knowing the sound track could be removed,altered and replaced by the actions of a dancer, whose job it is to translate the spirit of the confession.


Gary Willis is a post-medium Australian artist, whose work has taken many different forms – including; events, actions, performances, installations, video, photography, painting, drawing, etching, publishing, theory and text.

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