Pituitary to Perineum


15 June – 2 July


Sensation, bodily action and interaction inform Hannah Raisin’s performance, spatial, video and photographic practice. In her work she engages in playful re-imaginings using hand-made adornments, public gestures and cast objects as a framework for questioning social conventions from a feminist standpoint.


This suite of new works in Raisin’s series Pituitary to Perineum continues this interest in the symbolic relations between objects, materials and the representation of lived experiences. From social taboos around fertility to public expectations on the female body, Raisin challenges social conventions by exploring the relations between objects, performative gestures and the composition of photographic images. 

With its own pictorial language that draws on and adapts broad histories in the still life genre of art making, this work has developed across various locations from the artist’s current home on the Tiwi Islands in remote Northern Territory to previous residences in India, central Australia, Tasmania and Victoria.


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