An exhibition of imagined adventures, dreamings and whimsical journeys.

‘…Wandering amongst the stalls along my favourite flea market in Buenos Aires, I stumbled by chance across some beautiful handsewn silkpostcards dated in the 1920’s. I looked closely at the cards and realised that the writer had probably sewn them herself. They were exquisite and very fragile and written in Spanish by a girl called Julia to her love Alfredo….’

As part of the L’Oreal Fashion Festival 2012, Janno will present stitched paintings, works on paper, an artist’s scrapbook, vintage wedding dresses and an installation incorporating a 25-metre veil that has been handsewn with poetry and writings.

The process and journey of making these works has been underpinned by friendship and love, as always an essential component of Janno’s work.

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