4 – 27 AUGUST 2016


More or Less presents a series of works that distort visual perception. The title refers to the illusions at play within these works, in which objects both appear to create space beyond their physical form and (from a certain position) to consume it through the transformation of a two-dimensional shape into a three-dimensional form.


While the inherent nature of illusion is to deceive, these works are not designed to be completely deceptive, in fact quite the opposite, especially in the case of the anamorphic work. Rather I am interested in creating work that serves as a vehicle to re-imagine the space encountered – to deconstruct physical limitations – and facilitate a kind of meditative response allowing viewers to interpret the illusion of space created/consumed as reality.


Though we are largely shaped by individual experience through feedback received from our senses, exercising our imagination can change the way we perceive the world around us and how we question assumed truths. It is this inherent imaginative component of our makeup and the way in which it can influence our understanding of reality that interests me. I am particularly inspired to create work that challenges perceptual systems through compelling the use of one’s imagination, as it is this quality that allows us to see the world in new ways.

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