1 – 8 July 2017




‘Min Murrup is a veneration of my great great grandmother Min, a Wadawurrung woman, who survived against overwhelming odds, the frontier around early Geelong, at a time when the world was arriving with a golden fever. This sculpture is my way of honouring her spirit and her cultural links to Country which were being disconnected throughout her life.’


Jenny Crompton


Jenny Crompton is an artist who lives on the Victorian Surf Coast, the land of her ancestors, the Wadawurrung. Crompton’s practice focuses on themes that explore the environment and Indigenous culture of her Country. Part of her process is walking the land and respectfully gathering natural materials, which allows her to reconnect, listen and interpret an essence of her culture through the making of sculpture and paintings.


Jenny will exhibit Min Murrup along with 20 ink works on paper which are abstractions, influenced by both found natural objects from the coast and items of cultural significance such as dilly bags, adornments and weavings.

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