1 – 8 July 2017



‘It’s like I’m crumbling. It’s like I got my back against a wall.

It’s like I’m shouting louder than my lungs allow me and I just remain true.

I have a good artistic flair, I got a good artistic spirit. I want to let go but I keep holding on, because in the end it’s all worth seeing my family smile one more day.


This work is me, shutting down the computer and recycling the unknown. I face my fear of the abyss and quietly move into a new beginning. I found love and I hope it’s enough to get me to the Shangri-La.

You the people, give me strength when I feel like fading into mirrors.


I am Josh Muir. Let me love, trust, respect and with honesty, share a piece of my shattered purpose. You, the children, now raise my flag because this frontline position is becoming an ego death, watching the wheels go round and round, I just have to let it go. Peace, love, and unity.’


Josh Muir


Josh Muir is a Melbourne-based multimedia artist. In 2015 Muir was the recipient of the Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award – Youth award and in 2016, Muir completed the 12 month Hutchinson Indigenous Fellowship and Residency at the Victorian College of the Arts. Muir’s work has been acquired by the Koorie Heritage Trust, The National Gallery of Australia, the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, and the National Gallery of Victoria and was commissioned as a major project artist by White Night.

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