Josh Muir, WAA, 2020, Digital print on aluminium, 115 x 115 cm each, Large Series Unique Edition
94.4 x 94.4 cm each, Small Series Unique Edition



This new body of work aims to convey stories and narratives of the local Indigenous communities surrounding the Merri Creek area, in particular the story of Waa. As a young Indigenous artist and a proud Yorta Yorta/ Gunditjmara man, Waa holds totemic importance.


Born with pure white feathers, Waa tricked the seven Karatgurk women who guarded the secret to fire and stole their live coals to cook his own yams. Upon realising, the women called out, which attracted the attention of Bunjil. Bunjil asked his two nephews, Jert Jert and Thara, to chase after Waa and retrieve the sticks back. Waa flew so fast that one of the sticks caught fire and caused a bushfire which burnt Crow’s feathers permanently black.


Josh Muir is a Ballarat-based multi media artist who produces panels printed on metal inspired by street art and hip-hop.


“I am a proud Yorta Yorta/ Gunditjmara man, I hold my culture strong to my heart and it gives me a voice and great sense of my identity. I look around I see empires built on aboriginal land, I cannot physically change or shift this, though I can make the most of my culture in a contemporary setting and my art projects reflect my journey.” – Josh Muir