The Little Things Are The Big Things. 


6 – 31st August

We are delighted to present Kenny Pittock’s fourth solo exhibition with MARS Gallery, showcasing a new series of found shopping lists that playfully ponder the notion that The Little Things Are The Big Things. 

Kenny began collecting discarded shopping lists when he was 15 and got a part-time job at a supermarket, it was then he noticed that anonymous shopping lists read almost like poetry and could act as a portrait of the people we pass in the supermarket aisles.

Most shopping lists are written quickly and without aesthetic consideration, and it’s through the act of slowly re-creating them that Kenny allows himself the time and space to appreciate these seemingly mundane everyday objects, creating a permanent record of a fleeting moment.

These large scale lists mark a significant development in Pittock’s practice. The works are hand sculpted in aluminium and carefully hand painted to replicate the original found shopping lists. By pushing the boundaries of scale, these works both literally and metaphorically celebrate and elevate the seemingly mundane.


There are four of these large scale lists presented in this exhibition, the fifth work from this series is currently on display at the Art Gallery of New South Wales as a finalist in the Sulman Prize.


The Little Things Are The Big Things also presents a new series of hand-sculpted ceramic shopping lists, expanding on Kenny’s recent collection presented in last years Melbourne Now exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria, which was acquired by the NGV.



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