Kenny Pittock | Public Art Commission

Congratulation to artist Kenny Pittock who was commissioned by Chapel Street Traders Association to complete two murals, on the facade of MARS Gallery and the adjacent wall of James Street, Windsor.

In response to current events and the COVID 19 virus, ‘Trying to leaf things better than we found them’ is an optimistic exploration of personal growth. ‘Life is like a box of crayons’ reflects a different aspect of this extremely challenging time.

Kenny Pittock’s artworks meander between the playful, the subversive and the serious.
Despite the informality of his works, Kenny’s works have an admirable artistic quality that continues to bring the viewer close. His tactile surfaces, pale fondant hues, and satirical Australian references reflect the familiar and the cherished. Kenny’s sentiment fits neatly with a practise that brings to life everyday objects, combines humour and optimism with wordplay and sensitivity, the works fuse commercial reality with artistic virtue, whilst both enticing and mirroring memories and moments.

Photography courtesy of Fiona Hamilton

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