Their beauty lived longer


30 March – 24 April

Liam Gerrard’s latest exhibition offers a contemporary take on the 17th century still life vanitas gently reminding the viewer of the fragility and transience of life. Hydrangeas in various states of bloom naturally celebrate beauty as they blossom with vitality and rich colour. However as others deteriorate and enter their own gentle state of withering and wilting, they acknowledge the fading of beauty and the nature of impermanence. 

Notions of passing time are made apparent not only through the plant’s inevitable life cycle but also within the processes employed by Gerrard. His meticulous and laborious practice reflects his own personal investment of time spent. 

Works are titled by the location in which each flower was discovered. In doing so Gerrard ensures the works embody a sense of place, an insight into the artist’s travels as he encounters each of his carefully selected subjects at specific moments in time. Although we are generously given the map we will never be able to find his treasure as it is presently depicted.


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