4 FEBRUARY – 9 MARCH, 2014

Curated by Brie Trenerry and Kieran Boland


Damiano Bertoli
Stephen Garrett
Rob Hely & Kimba Thomson
Lou Hubbard
Brendan Lee
Donna McRae
Sanja Pahoki & Siri Hayes
Simon Pericich
Mia Salsjo
Patrick Topitschnig
Brie Trenerry & Kieran Boland
Shaun Wilson
Michael Vale

‘Make believe it’s nothing’ is a compilation of moving image works in which the artists display a responsiveness within their practice to elements of a ‘cinematic’ sensibility. Each artist has been selected because they have appropriated filmic strategies and in doing so, blur boundaries between the moving image and the wider context of art practice which includes drawing, painting, sculpture and installation.

It is the intention of the curators to celebrate the new direction of [MARS] gallery towards a strong commitment to exhibiting the moving image. As [MARS] prepares to relocate to new premises, currently under construction in Windsor, which will include a custom built black box video gallery for the exclusive presentation of screen based work, ‘Make believe it’s nothing’ serves as an introduction to the black box to be unveiled May 2014 in conjunction with the launch of the new gallery.

‘Make believe it’s nothing’ is exhibited on a High Definition projector and media player.

What is the general public’s perception of video art? Is it still a form largely faithful to the early video artist’s embrace of new technology? An embrace characterised by the freedom to express in the moment and the rejection of the financial and technical constraints of film? Video cameras capable of producing the image quality of 35 mm film cameras along with sophisticated post-production environments are now widespread. Are content and technical problems now inextricably intertwined or are aesthetic concerns now posed purely by technological developments